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Fujian Guan Yi Stone Co., Ltd. was founded in 20th century, is located in known as the "East Asian Cultural capital" reputation and world-renowned "millennium Stone Carving Capital" of the Huian County ancient city, close to Xiamen, Quanzhou commercial port land and water transportation is very convenient. is a collection of stone carving cultural heritage, stone carving product design, production and sales of modern production-oriented manufacturers.

The company has been operating for many years, bringing together a large number of professional stone carving craftsman, with a large number of production workshop, to meet the production needs of various types of stone carving series. Products are sold throughout the country and exported to countries including Japan, Europe and the world, engineering works widely by the industry at home and abroad reputation.

The company mainly produces and operates: Temple ancient construction carving, landscape carving, municipal landscape carving, Buddha carving, character carving, animal carving, natural stone carving, art carving, exterior wall hanging building materials, stone carving craft ornaments and other large and small stone carving handicrafts.

The art soul into the stone, this is the best inheritance of the Huian stone carving, but also the Crown artist to open the door of stone carving art golden key.

"Do a project, tree one side of the credibility", this is the Crown artists have always been adhering to the principle of service, customer satisfaction as the guide, and constantly integrate resources, make friends around the world, welcome art colleagues, collectors and stone carving enthusiasts to visit the factory exchange guidance.

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