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The function and precautions of stone carving Buddha statue Custom

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HuianStone Buddha Statueis a very important piece of stone carving processing products, people in the processing of such works, many times need to have a good sense of design, but also to the Buddha culture is very deep attainments, the party may make some relatively good works, otherwise even if the craft is superb, The works processed by craftsmen who do not understand Buddha culture will not be loved and welcomed by people.

Let's talk about Fujian today.Huian Stone CarvingBuddha statues of history and culture, processing technology and processing art, a comprehensive let people understand the Huian stone Buddha statues, but also let people have a stone carving Buddha culture to understand and have some understanding.

The history of the Stone Buddha statue in Huian, Fujian Province from the Tang and Song dynasties, in fact, earlier, when the Buddha statues were introduced to China, there were many people came to Quanzhou to preach, the Han Dynasty had some simple records, but in the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Buddha statues began to slowly be widely accepted by Quanzhou people So along with such a policy, people began to process a lot of stone statues placed in the temple, and disguised so that the entire Buddha culture can also be widely circulated, and Huian is also thanks to such a policy, many Masons began to set up workshops, slowly with this line of livelihood, but also the achievement of the Buddha statues at that time a lot of pomp. The Buddha statues in the Tang dynasty were relatively simple, and most of the Buddha statues were found in the form of relief, most of the Buddha statues existed on top of the pagoda, the temple wall blocked, the outdoor stone carving is relatively few, especially the large outdoor stone carving, in the Tang Dynasty this kind of scientific and technological environment, is almost impossible to exist.

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Buddhist culture began and Taoism, Confucianism successively conflict, Buddhism in the continuous improvement at the same time, but also slowly absorb the Taoist and Confucian culture, people slowly processed some Confucianism and Buddhism combined with the Buddha statue, this period is also Huian stone carving, and even the entire southern stone carving and the northern stone carving of the dividing line, This period of the Southern stone carving with delicate craft, soft lines, fine structure, full sense of beauty, slowly combined into a unique charm of the cultural connotation of carving products. And the North Pie stone carving is still very rugged, but in the process of changing the processing environment, so that this rugged look more imposing momentum.

Modern Huian stone statues have completely become the world's stone carving processing benchmark, especially Buddha statues, gathered a lot of Western Asian carving style, the use of some European-style processing techniques, and then add Chinese elements, it can be said that the entire Buddha statue processed out of the very aesthetic, but also has the characteristics of various ethnic groups and the cultural characteristics of each nation.

Huian stone carving processing technology is very rich, overall, there are three aspects of the characteristics:

First, pay attention to detail, fine carving fine chisel. If we have seen the works of the Buddha statue of Huian stone carving, it will be very obvious to find that a Buddha statue, whether it is hair, facial expressions, costumes, accessories, muscle contours, Buddhist statues and other convenient, are done vividly, in every processing part, we can see some carved elements, Very few of us have seen the Buddha statue has a blank without carving the part, this is the Huian stone carving the most essence of the place.

Second, pay attention to the demeanor, momentum. In fact, the carving of the demeanor is a carving level of the identification of the way, stone carving is a very important feature of the Huian stone carving processing, from the outside, the demeanor and momentum is mainly a kind of charm of the processing, it is difficult to describe in words.

Third, pay attention to the development of stone. Huian stone carving process in the continuous development of a number of new types of stone carving, from marble to granite, and then sandstone processing, Huian stone carving has been in the forefront of China.

Huian Stone statue Buddha culture far-reaching, exquisite workmanship, rich types of works, a variety of product lines, smooth structure, price is also reasonable, is very suitable for people to choose.

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