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Traditional carving art-Huian stone carving

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Huian known as the "Land of stone carving" reputation, sculpture has a long history, reputation. Huian, located in the middle of the southeast coast of Fujian province, across the sea from Taiwan, is one of the country's famous hometown of overseas Chinese and Taiwan's Han compatriots mainly ancestral land, has a long history. The surviving Tang Dynasty king Wang Chao the tomb of the pattern relief, has been more than thousands of loads. The great Dragon of Longshan Temple in Taipei, the stone building of Gushan Quan Temple, the China watch in front of Zhongshan Mausoleum in Nanjing, and the Pillar of the Great Hall of the great in Beijing are all masterpieces of Huian stone carving artists. Products are sold to Japan, Singapore, Western Europe, the Americas and more than 20 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Province.

Huian Traditional Carving Art

Huian Stone CarvingIs the hard green stone as the main raw material of the traditional carving art, mainly spread in in Quanzhou area, Fujian Province, Huian County, the finished product is mostly used for architectural decoration. Huian Stone carving has a strong national nature and distinct epochal nature, as the representative of the Southern stone carving art, spread to overseas earlier, in Southeast Asia and other places are highly respected. In China, it and Quyang stone carving, "South has Huian, North has Quyang" said in the stone carving world is widely popular. In particular, granite engraving technology in Huian to develop, Huian stone carving species include round carving, relief, shadow carving, hollowed carving, etc., the production process on the basis of traditional technology, the successful absorption of foreign advanced production equipment and technology, the formation of a complete industrial system, exquisite stone carving products distributed all over the world. With the Chinese sculpture Industry "Taishan Beidou" Shaowu summed up a sentence: Huian stone carving traditional craft has reached the realm of pure fire.

Variety Categories

Huian Stone carving has formed a round carving, relief, sinking carving, shadow carving, line carving and stone and other six categories of tens of thousands of varieties.

Round carving, is a three-dimensional carving, mainly a variety of characters and animal statues, the traditional theme of the representative works are Dragon column and Stone Lion.

Embossed, because the image shape protruding on the surface of the stone and the name, is a semi-three-dimensional carving.

Shen Carving, contrary to the relief, because the image of the shape sunk on the surface of the stone and name.

Shadow carving, is a unique sculpture form invented by Huian artists in modern times, it uses the principle of black and white imaging, in the polished black stone carved out the realistic effect of photography, the Huian carving carved features played to the extreme. The shadow carving color, then becomes the stained.

Line carving, is the use of lines to sketch out the image or shape of the carving, the representative of Jiangsu Army Memorial Hall, Taihu Lake and Singapore Dunhuang murals and so on.

Huian Traditional Carving Art

Huian Round Carving

Historical development

Huian carving art originated from the Yellow River basin, China's stone carving capital-Huian County, Fujian Province, according to archaeological research found that Huian stone carving process originated in the Han Dynasty, has been 2000 years of history. As early as more than 1600 years ago, Jin Dynasty, stone carving as a permanent art has been applied, at that time in Minnan ancestor Lin Lu tomb, there are man Mo Zhonghong, sheep stone round carving and so on standing in the cemetery to show the spectacular, the Tang Dynasty celebrity Wang Chao cemetery in the character statue, the Song Dynasty Luoyang Pier on the stone general, etc. Entering the Ming and Qing dynasties, as architectural decorations and culture and art, the stone carving process is improving, stone carving crafts with its unique commodity circulation in the market.

Huian Shen Carving

Process Features

Sculpture art originates from the Yellow River basin, Huian carving art blends the central Plains culture, Min Yue culture, marine culture in one. If the "Horse Autumn Wind Seibei" to describe the northern carving art of the bold magnificent, then the description of the southern pie graceful and exquisite characteristics, is "Apricot blossom Spring Rain Jiangnan" Southern stone carving art This style characteristics of the important symbol, reflected in Huian stone carving masterpiece-longzhu, Stone lion body.

Huian Traditional Carving Art

Huian Relief

Huian Stone carving beautiful shape, exquisite craftsmanship, with a unique artistic style and rich local color. Many famous personalities at home and abroad have been dumped by the exquisite charm of Huian stone carving, have left behind: "Ingenious", "Stone for Magic", "extremely rich in artistic beauty" and other precious Mo bao. HuianStone Carving Factoryis a wonderful flower of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and also a valuable treasure of the world's national culture.

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