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Introduction to the artistic value and installation of stone railings

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Stone railing pattern is beautiful, generous shape, but stone carving art in the railing production series of the artistic value in the end where? What do you need to be aware of when installing?Huian Stone CarvingI'll tell you more about it.

One of the artistic values of the railing production series is that the stone carving railing is the witness of the historical change. For example, China's Beijing, the Forbidden City there are a lot of stone railings, because the construction of the Forbidden City is the 1406 Emperor Zhu Yongle Emperor Zhu Di began to build, so, the Forbidden City in the stone carving railing, everywhere permeated the atmosphere of the Ming Dynasty construction. The main role of stone carving railings is to prevent visitors to see the Forbidden City fall injured, so stone carving railings are generally installed on the platform or stone, the Forbidden City railing is often with the need to set up the platform, pedal head installed together, appears to be both solemn and elegant. This is a common technique used in buildings in the Ming Dynasty. And, the Forbidden City in the stone carving railing, the column board mostly uses the stone carving Dragon and Phoenix disk fly, Xiangyun Panlong and so on shape, in order to show the Imperial Royal Majesty and style. For example, Suzhou Lingyan temple inside the stone carving railing, because the Lingyan temple is the spring and autumn Wuwangfu difference built, so the inside of the stone carving railing has a strong spring and autumn warring States architectural flavor, stone carving railing is relatively small, the pattern on the bar more use of ancient legendary characters, such as eight immortals across in the Eight Immortals.

The second of the artistic value of the railing Production Series is the historical research value of the stone carving railing. Many of our stone carvings, the use of stone is very rare white jade stone or marble, these railings through more than thousands of years of historical changes, still stand, the historical value contained in it is the embodiment of its artistic value.
Now, let's talk about the precautions for installing stone carving railings.
Note One, we should correctly look at the installation of stone carving railing quotation problem. When we decide to add stone railings to our buildings, we need to take a reasonable look at the cost of installation.Stone RailingThe quotation is generally not low, the main reason is two points, one is the stone carving railing building materials are more expensive, and second, because the stone carving railing contains architectural artistry. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether the stone carving railings meet their own design requirements, whether it contains a high artistic value.
Note Two, to audit the force structure design of stone carving railings. Good appearance is important, but the internal force of stone carving railing, more important, because the stone carving railing once built, is often centenary plan, not easy to rework again.

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