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7 Mainstream methods of stone carving arch and rock railing cleaning

Edit:Fujian Guan Yi Stone Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-15

1, stone carving arch,Stone RailingSurface active agent At present, the cleaning of terrazzo, marble and other stone floor surface dirt A common method, surfactants have both ionic and non-ionic types. Their molecules contain both polar and non-polar genes, the principle of cleaning is the use of surfactants to reduce interfacial tension, wetting, adsorption, emulsification, solubility, dispersion and other properties so that dirt molecules fall off and disperse, so as to achieve the cleaning effect.

2, alkali cleaning using alkaline chemicals saponification, emulsification function, loose and disperse dirt, commonly used alkali solution for sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and other water solutions for the main adults, they are mainly used to eliminate oil pollution. Oil pollution can be saponification and non-saponification of two kinds. Saponification Oil pollution is animal and plant oil, in the case of alkali can form soap soluble in water, so it is easier to remove. Non-saponification Oil Pollution system mineral oil, cleaning this kind of oil pollution needs to use emulsifier action, in order to reduce the combination of oil and adhesion and shedding, the common emulsifier has Sanna phosphoric acid, silicic acid and so on.

3, acid cleaning stone cleaning is widely used, especially granite. Inorganic acid used in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, organic acid multi-use citric acid, oxalic acid, amino sulfonic acid and so on. If sulfuric acid is used to remove rust, sulfuric acid reacts with iron oxide to produce ferric sulfate, it dissolves in water, so rust can be removed. However, the corrosion problem of inorganic acid cleaning is worthy of great attention, especially for marble and other carbonate stone, the residual acid or acid in its micropores may be harmful to the stone for a long time, even if the addition of buffers is difficult to avoid erosion problems, so foreign countries have tended to apply less corrosive, easy to purify the treatment of organic acids or other organic matter cleaning.

4,Stone Carving Pavilion, Stone railing complexing Agent cleaning using complexing agent on a variety of scale metal ions complexation or chelating effect, so that it produces soluble complexes and cleaning. Commonly used organic chelating agent has EDTA, DTPA and NTA and so on. For example, EDTA (ethyl two amine tetraacetic acid) can produce sodium salt, commonly two sodium salt or three sodium salt, which have strong complexing ability to a variety of scale-up metal ions. In recent years, the United States, Western Europe, Japan and other developed a number of more effective chelating cleaning methods.

5, electrochemical cleaning with the help of the electric field force between the polar plates (including DC, AC and pulsed electricity), the ions in the dirt or polar molecules in accordance with a certain regular movement, or promote the occurrence of electrochemical reactions, so that pollutants desorption, movement or chemical changes to achieve the purpose of cleaning. For example, the current can reduce the adsorption force of iron ions in granite micropores, increase the diffusion coefficient, and produce electric veins. Removes the rust from the surface of the granite and the below a certain depth below the surface.

6, solvent cleaning and utilization of solvents on the solubility of dirt, if the composition of known pollutants, the selection of specific solvents is very effective. For example, many organic solvents such as toluene, xylene, butyl acetate and other oil or oil has a strong solubility, with organic solvents to remove oil spots is generally faster than the use of lye to remove oil spots, the disadvantage is that organic solvents volatile easy to cause environmental impact.

7. Biochemical cleaning is mainly a method for biological pollutants. The erosion and pollution effects of microorganisms on stone have been discovered very early, and the effective method of removal is to clean the biological chemical cleaning agent with specific killing, dissolution, decomposition and stripping.

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