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Introduction to the basic knowledge of stone carving elephants

Edit:Fujian Guan Yi Stone Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-15

There are a lot of good things in this world that we can't see. Around the beautiful, more need is to find the vision of beauty. and to be able to discover the beauty of a thing and know the meaning of its existence, you must first understand it. Now many friends see others on the doorstep of a pair of elephants, or follow Mr. Feng Shui's advice, they also invited a pair of stone carving elephants back. So it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the elephant so that it can play a good moral and protect it well.

Stone carving ElephantAs one of the most popular animal stone carvings in society, it is a kind of xiangrui God beast, which has good townhouse, wealth and auspicious meaning. How to buy stone elephants suitable for their own home, their own units? How should stone carving elephants be placed? How to maintain? About these questions also consulted some professional stone carving elephant master, together to see what is.

In the selection of elephants, we should start from three angles: specifications, environment, budget. The so-called specification is to see how large the stone carving elephant will be more suitable, will not be too large to lead to uncoordinated, and will not be too small and appear to be small family. Elephant placement of what environment will also affect the choice of stone carving elephants, is the ancient building, European architecture or rural small ocean building like the building, or factories, office buildings and so on, in the choice of elephants should be taken into account in order to avoid laugh. Third, the budget, a pair of elephants you want to spend 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 to buy, will affect your stone carving elephant can choose the range. These three points clearly clear, you can go to peace of mind to pick the most satisfied with the stone carving elephant.

Please come back to the stone carving elephant, placed a lot of attention also. Whether it is a lion or an elephant, as long as it is this wind-water bands, it is generally preferred to follow local customs. If there is no clear placement of customs, it is generally by the placement, in the elephant's head tied to a large red flower, festive. When placed to let the elephant face outward, follow the traditional Zoo Gong right mother principle. The location of the elephant should not be too far from the gate, will affect the traffic. The more open the vision in front of the elephant, the better, absorbing the wealth of the eight sides, bringing together the quartet Reiki.

In the stone carving elephant maintenance aspect, is every owner can not ignore. The general outdoor placement of stone elephants,Stone Carving FactoryThe home will be waterproof to its surface. Such stone carvings are better weather-resistant and do not change the color of the skin because of the wet water. It should be noted that although stone carving elephants are stone products, but also can not withstand the vigorous bump, but also as far as possible do not let children climb up to play.

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