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Stone carving at the gate elephant is a kind of feng shui significance

Edit:Fujian Guan Yi Stone Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-15

Since ancient times, China has placed in front of buildings, carving all kinds of Rui beasts, in order to avoid the fierce, the custom of Gina. These common Rui beasts, including Kirin, lions, dragons, elephants and so on.

And among them,Stone carving ElephantEspecially loved by everyone.

Elephants are powerful, but gentle, na"ive, honest and loyal, and can carry a heavy journey, is regarded as a symbol of auspicious, power, but also known as the Beast of the German. And in myths and legends, elephants are generated by the star of the rocking light, can be mega-Rui, the ancient Buddha is riding like falling from the sky, and one said, the elephant is the Puxian Bodhisattva's mount, legend can herald the spirit of Rui.

In Chinese traditional culture, because of the "elephant" and "Xiang" word homophonic, so, elephants have been given more auspicious meaning, such as Taiping image, auspicious luck, renewal and so on.

Nowadays, in front of some buildings, hotels and so on, there are often two elephantsStone Carving FactoryStone. This is because the elephant feng shui has a moral meaning of 2:1, the elephant can protect auspicious, Ruyi, safe, two, because the elephant use the nose to suck water, and feng Shui has the water master money, so the elephant was given the moral to suck money, make money. Moreover, compared with other Rui beasts, the elephant itself has a relatively weak effect, more is, the auspicious meaning is more prominent. So, before placing elephants in these buildings, bring them auspicious and rich.

Elephant location: one. Personal office seat placement of "Guichang wealth" can strengthen the strength of the sitting side, stabilize the cause and get help, enhance the cause of wealth, to assist the good faith to support the prosperity of the two. Merchants, shop cash register (financial location) to place "Guichang wealth" to absorb the source of customers, Wangwang auspicious, business boom three Can condense the personnel centripetal force of all departments, the team is more organized, and bring stability and harmony, the company's business is overwhelmed four. Company executives and bosses are more suitable for placement in the rear sides of the office seat, can get the power to people want, do things to help five. Business and commission income holders, in the desk or home study to place "Guichang wealth" , the rush is a financial, the future of Ruyi six. Home sofa, desk or desk after the lack of change, the pattern factors can not be changed, in the Sofa coffee table or seat next to place "Guichang wealth", the Lord has the mountain to help, the villain far seven. Home study to place "Guichang wealth" can make reading steady, do things sure Prosperity, teachers and officers love eight. Home living room in the House (financial position) to place the "Guichang wealth", not only can unite the emotional centripetal force of the family, but also can gather wealth, the whole family benefit. Like in China, the meaning of auspicious, Na, Nafu; Attract money into, fu elephant meaning attract money into, happiness and well-being, peace and auspicious; legend seems to be the Big Dipper in the "star of the Stars" incarnation, can herald auspicious. "Like" homophonic "Xiang", symbolizing auspicious, Xiangrui, peace. Elephants have always been regarded as feng shui mascots, like the nose upward "water spray elephant" can bring joy, like the nose down of the "water absorption elephant" can gather wealth, both are very suitable for placement in the home. Like the nose down the "water absorption elephant" has the effect of gathering wealth and money. Where the big windows of the home see the sea or pool, all known as "Mingtang water", can be placed in the elephant at home, like the temperament of tame good at sucking water, in feng shui water for wealth, put in the living room to gather wealth and good luck, fortune Zilling, put in the parlour of the family to benefit, place business places, offices, home study to help the prosperity, enhance career wealth, To help, condensed centripetal force, strengthen the strength of the sitting side, the cause of consolidation, the endless flow of money, full and rich financial pool. If there is no water outside the window, you can put a basin of water plants or fish tanks in front of the elephant, the effect is the same.

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