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The culture of stone carving pavilion and the traditional Confucian culture of the Chinese nation

Edit:Fujian Guan Yi Stone Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-15

Stone Carving FactoryManufacturers say that culture is the root of a country, a nation, the dimension of the pulse, is its spirit and wisdom of the long-term accumulation and cohesion, originated in China 5,000 years of civilization. Reading the world's vicissitudes of stone carving arch, as China's feudal etiquette under the historical products passed down, from the side to reflect the cultural background and human situation at that time,Culture and the traditional Confucian culture of the Chinese nation are the typical carriers of Chinese civilization.

The innovative application of stone carving arch decoration art, Xunzi said: "Rivers to flow, all things to Chang." "The Square is proud of the wind, the prosperity of the dynasties, and today there are signs of rise, causing people to talk about." Some people appreciate the ancients to the desire for dignity of the pursuit of one, some lament the etiquette of the moral Confucian of the forbearance of custody, some people shush the society on the performance of vanity of the pretentious instrument. However, as a collection of human civilization and tradition in one of the collective existence, stone carving archway Manufacturers said that each stone carving arch is a complete engraved history and culture of the documentary, even if the new stone carving arch, centenary it will become an ancient building. The ancestors of the Archway family table should be respected for generations, and future generations should look up to each arch. Because of the rich cultural connotations behind the archway, it is something that people today cannot ignore.

We wander under the archway, communicate with our ideas, and talk to their cultures, like a tunnel through the years, listening to the footsteps of history solid. Its tone is not only the celebration and noise of the Xian of the high play, but also the boiling and splendor of the giant Jia Homecoming, and the sadness of the sad watch of the long Night lone lamp. All this just wakes up the promotion of a national civilization, must break free from the bondage of self, and constantly transcend, and constantly pursue, unapologetically to the "peaceful rise" direction of efforts. Ancient stone carving arch, stone carving arch in the "Cultural Revolution" all destroyed, only a few components scattered in the grass wilderness, by those who are known as cultural upbringing, admire the ancestors, attach importance to the cultural heritage of the villagers collected, the reform and opening up after the restoration of part of the arch. The archway is a very valuable physical evidence to study the local history and humanities, has a high historical research and cultural relics value, has become the social, cultural, folklore, aesthetics and other research objects, so, for those ancients left behind the stone carving arch, even the component, should also be protected.

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