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How stone railings are designed with themes

Edit:Fujian Guan Yi Stone Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-15

How the stone railing is designed with a theme. Stone railings are often seen in our lives, now the stone railing injection and a lot of artistic elements, such as carving, color, etc., the appearance of pleasing, popular, the following said how the stone railing is designed with a theme.

Stone RailingThe theme is clear, the cultural connotation is deep. For thousands of of years, in order to adapt to the changes of the times, from a generation of Chu Yanghua flying carving artists with their own hard work and sweat and wisdom, ingenious combination of characters, animals, flowers, utensils, and other sculptures and buildings, landscapes, to create a glorious history of the development of global stone, global stoneEngraving FactoryPrice and technology will make the recognition of shiting customers, forming a strong regional characteristics of the artistic style. From the overall point of view, the global stone carving art style, has the following characteristics. The characters created by the global carving artists, the emotional and emotional and spiritual characteristics of the inner world are characterized and expressed by the characteristics of the stress of the characters, the echoes between the characters and the animals. The choice of "spiritual similarity" and "shape" in Chinese traditional art will take the former.

Because environmental pollution is more serious, more serious, more polluting, more complex environment, the environment is more complex, often causing damage to stone railings. Therefore, in order to prolong the life of stone railings, it is necessary to carry out daily maintenance care, we in the stone railing maintenance and maintenance, the use of crystalline powder stone grinder, stone sprinkle a layer, so the grinder, stone surface friction, heat generation, granite surface to form a layer of crystalline compounds, close to the surface of the granite, which is thickened, Stone processing, thereby increasing its hardness, in public places, stone railings easy to form difficult to remove stains and wear marks, which will greatly affect the decorative effect of stone. We must remove the work on the accumulated color spot, restore the previous stone, on the decoration effect and beautification effect. In general, we choose the surface of the stone to increase the gloss of the method is to use stone polishing liquid, stone surface, to increase the gloss of the treatment. This will be better able to maintain the new decorative effect of stone. First, we must choose quality-related materials. We know that shiting not only beautify the environment, but also include windshield rain. If a stone pavilion is not completely different for a few years, it is difficult to accept the fact. It should be said that in the Stone exhibition area, the better material is marble, white marble, in particular, secondly, we must understand the surrounding environment. To integrate into the surrounding environment, we must act according to the plan. If a stone pavilion is in a completely Western-style garden, there are neither fish nor birds, and through a variety of sculptures, the stone Pavilion will be perfectly displayed. This is very important. Complete a stone pavilion, it is possible to use a variety of techniques such as round carving, relief and so on, if Kung fu is not at home, it is difficult to complete a beautiful stone pavilion alone.

To achieve the stone railing steady in this is a whole system engineering, stone railing enterprise growth is not overnight can be achieved. Need to take the time to design, R & amp; d, production, service and so on, a series of supporting to keep up. Now the corporate brand is not smashing money to smash, the need for rational thinking and planning.

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