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Stone carving elephant engraved with the word "blessing", do you know what it means?

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Stone carving Rui Beast Elephant, according to the feng shui effect of different animals, to the water or to the large square of the house, should be placed a pair of stone carving elephant, like the nose has the effect of sucking wealth. Elephants are broad in form and stable in their careers. Stone carving elephant on the word and paste couplets when the meaning of the word is basically similar, are the meaning of peace, peace, blessing and so on, but also people on the future of a beautiful yearning.

Stone carving Elephantis a moral more auspicious, auspicious symbol, usually, stone carving elephant, na"ive, like and Xiang Homophonic, thus, was endowed with more auspicious meaning, stone carving elephant has the meaning of peace, auspicious luck;

Stone carving elephants suck money and gather wealth. Elephants are good at sucking water, water for wealth, where the big windows see the sea or pool, are called "Mingtang water", if a pair of elephants in the home zhongcai, then the big money are their own.

Stone carving elephant, Wang career official. Government officials worship elephants can reduce pressure, increase performance, conducive to promotion, especially on the back of the monkey sitting elephant, known as Hanging elephant seal, Wangwang career and Chengkan effect is excellent.

In the folk, what is the role of placing stone carving elephants?

Stone carving elephants are regarded as the gods and beasts of Wealth, in the five lines of stone carving elephants belong to gold, the five lines of water for wealth. Stone carving elephants have the meaning of auspicious, so the characters like home, office space, shops, parks and other places to place stone elephants.

Some wealthy families in front of the villa, like to place elephant carving, the general fat, meaning that the hero is a big rich expensive person, the female elephant is generally shame lovely, meaning the heroine is treasurers peaceful person.

Stone carving elephants are symbols of wisdom, strength, and unity.

Stone carving ElephantIt is a group animal, and the structure of social groups is dominated by female elephants and young elephants. It represents the unity, harmony and harmony of the family, the unit, the group, the party and the Society.

It should be explained that the elephant carving placed in front of the villa, there is also a feature, that is, whether the public elephant or the female elephant, on the back to carve a treasure bottle. Bao bottle homophonic for Yasuhira, is to bless the family's peace of meaning, after all, the peace of the family is more important than the wealth of the family.

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